Customer Experience &
the Customer Centric Shift in Digital Strategies

14. & 15. March 2018
Westhafen Pier 1, Frankfurt

The SHIFT/CX.DIGITAL is a two day conference and exhibition on rethinking the customer journey with a customer-centric digital experience. The conference offers a variety of talks, expert panels, best practice reviews and interactive workshops on three stages. The talks and discussion provide insights on trends and lessons learned from the fields of Digital Experience, Marketing Automation, Customer Journey & Conversion Optimization as well as Digital Communications.

The event is targeted to practioners from Digital Marketing, Corporate & Customer Communications as well as E-Commerce & Sales - and gives an overview on recent trends in regards to business and technological challenges in this activity fields.

Topics of the event

  • Customer Experience & Onsite Marketing Optimization
  • Lead Generierung with Content & Inbound Marketing
  • Content & Commerce as Conversion Driver
  • Success Factor for a Customer Data Platform
  • Data-Driven Communications, Personalisation & EU-GDPR
  • Integration of Marketing Automation with CMS & CRM
  • Trends & Changes within the Digital Experience Technologie Stack
  • AI based Optimization of the Editorial Processes

Formats of the Event

  • Discussion Panels with Experts and Practioneers
  • Expert Talks on Success Factors & Project Recommendations
  • Lessons Learned from the Field of Digital Experience, Marketing Automation, Content & Inbound Marketing as well as Conversion Optimization
  • Interactive Workshops with Introduction Talks and Discussions

Date & Location

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Participation offerings

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