Louis-Pierre Guillaume

Founder & Director Amallte

Louis-Pierre Guillaume is a consultant and lecturer, specialized in Knowledge Management. At the head of Amallte, he helps organizations to foster their Digital Transformation and Collaborative Innovation to enhance the Value of Knowledge. He has 25 years of practical experience in knowledge management in big multinational companies (Schlumberger, Areva, Schneider Electric...). He writes scientific papers and books about Communities of Practice.

Hear Me Speak @ Shift/CX

Designing a great employee experience in the context of hybrid working

How hybrid impacts employee experience and what to do about it?

Belinda Gannaway will look at how and where hybrid working arrangements positively and negatively impact the employee experience. Drawing on the methodology shared in her co-authored book EX by Design – How to Create an Effective EX for Competitive Advantage, Belinda will share practical tools and techniques to ensure your hybrid working solutions deliver the most opportunities to your people and your organisation.