Praxisbeispiel: 3+ years of Change Management strategies as a success factor for the rollout of Digital Workplace at Endress+Hauser

mit Drishti Vomstein

Drishti Vomstein, Endress+Hauser

Drishti Vomstein, Process Consultant Digital Work Place, Endress+Hauser

Drishti is an Implementation Consultant - Digital Workplace at Endress+Hauser InfoServe, Germany for over 3 years. In her current role, she focuses on learning, adoption, and change management that come with new ways of digital working. "The most challenging aspect of digital transformation isn’t the technology itself, but rather effective change management and getting people to embrace it". Together with her colleagues, she strives to create an integrated and future-ready Digital Work Place environment and to bring everyone at Endress+Hauser together to communicate & collaborate anytime, anywhere.