Die Customer Experience (R)Evolution im digitalen Zeitalter

08. & 09. Mai 2018
Westhafen Pier 1, Frankfurt

Shift/CX <br />Die Customer Experience (R)Evolution im digitalen Zeitalter<br /><br/><small>08. & 09. Mai 2018 <br />Westhafen Pier 1, Frankfurt</small>

Dr. Michael Wu

Chief AI Scientist, PROS

Dr. Michael Wu is one of the world’s premier authorities on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data science, and behavioral economics. He’s currently the Chief AI Strategist at PROS (NYSE: PRO), an AI-powered SaaS provider that helps companies monetize more efficiently in the digital economy. He’s been recently appointed as a Senior Research Fellow at the Ecole des Ponts Business School for his work in Data Science. Michael believes in knowledge dissemination, and speaks internationally at universities, conferences, and enterprises. His insights have inspired many global enterprises and are made accessible through “The Science of Social,” and “The Science of Social 2”—two easy-reading e-books.