James Dodkins: „Sich langsam an KI herantasten”


James Dodkins ist internationaler Keynote-Speaker, CX Evangelist und Customer Service & Sales Automation Director bei Pegasystems. 

James, you will be taking part as an opening speaker in our Shift/CX event on March 13th. What are the three keywords that we can tag your talk with?

The talk is called „CX, AI & Rock ‘n’ Roll”. So I’d say: CX, AI and Rock ‘n’ Roll. (lacht)

You are addressing the changes that AI brings to the CX game and are drawing parallels with music creation. How are these two aspects providing good experiences to customers’ expectations and finding the best new tune that pleases the artist’s fans – comparable?

This talk covers the parallels in technology across many AI applications and how it can be used for a multitude of different purposes. We are all striving to deliver easier, faster and more convenient experiences to customers, AI can help this.

What is the essential change that AI brings to the table of the CX game? 

AI can help us transactional experiences happen easier, faster and more conveniently than ever before and free up time to spend human attention on emotional experiences that AI can’t help with, yet.

Lernpfad Customer Journey Management

Always meeting the expected needs. Doesn’t that get boring in the end? In other words: In order to get really fascinated, don’t we need also the „unexpected”? 

Yes and no. It depends on your customers. I, personally, love boring companies. Companies that say what they are going to do then do it and perfectly meet my expectations each time.

What is your recommendation to CX managers to do today to get prepared for this next new game in CX? 

There is a whole host of things AI can help with is CX but it can feel a little overwhelming, starting small is a great way to test the waters, learn and prove results.

With what expectations do you participate in the Shift/CX? And: What can we expect? 

Expect a fun, interesting, slightly scary but ultimately practical talk.

Thanks a lot for your answers, James.